Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yay, Opportunities!

       I was recently asked by my friend to sew some outfits for her senior pictures. Oh my gosh. I am so excited. This is an incredible opportunity. First of all, this is a great experience for me to work on my sewing skills. Second of all, publicity. Other people are going to see these pictures and ask where she got her dresses. I'm going to start to be known as a designer and that's so amazing to me. I'm going to be at the shoot to help with the fashion aspect of the photography and get some of the pictures when they're finished. You know what that means: Portfolio. I can finally make one of those. I could have before, but it would look sad if all my pictures were just of me modeling my creations. However, now that there is someone else wearing my designs I'll look professional.  With the excitement comes some apprehensiveness though. What if I mess up? What if she doesn't like it? These are all very big concerns of mine. I know that I can't turn this down., because this is an incredible opportunity that I don't want to pass up. Sure, it'd be easier to say 'no' and play it safe, but I think this could be a great chance for me to show others my talent. We're starting construction this weekend... wish me luck! Oh and don't forget about The Very First CSTAWNY Contest! The deadline is quickly approaching.

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