Monday, February 4, 2013

Sleeping Beauty, Tennessee, and Other Things That Inspire

       Designers get ideas for a lot of the work from the world around then. Whether or not the title 'designer' fits me is debatable, but I too am inspired by this wacky little world we live in. I remember when I was younger, watching Disney's Sleeping Beauty. I was mesmerized by the scene where the fairies changed the colors in Aurora's dress. I wanted to do that, though at the time I didn't know how. I think that's the first time I ever wanted to design. Of course, none of my sketches were entirely impressive . I can barely sketch now, so you can only imagine how pitiful my attempts at fashion were at age six. Lots of triangular dresses and square pants. I was young and wild though, and found myself mostly pursuing Rollie Pollies and and Slinkies as oppose to a fashion career. Again, it wasn't really until I got my sewing machine that I began to pick up that idea of fashion again. This would be much more clear if you were aware of my clothing choices pre-sewing machine. My favorite shirt was orange with a monkey on it an my favorite shoes were blue Crocs... and this was middle school. I think my entire past wardrobe consisted of Validation Pieces. Validation Pieces are hideous outfits other people wear that make you look good in comparison, by the way. Needless to say, I've made many advancements since then. One of those advancements includes an increased intellect regarding ideas for designs. I am now aware on this whole idea of "transferal of sight to sketch". This is my way of saying: me see pretty flower, me draw pink dress. One of my favorite places for inspiration are the mountains of Tennessee. There's so many colors and values in the scenery that I am filled with design ideas by just googling images of them. Not only is nature a big factor in my design process, but the people around me play a major part as well. My older sister inspires a lot of my designs because she has a unique style which I love. She also gave me the idea to make my pieces functional as well as fashionable. She's always going places and I want the clothing I make to represent an idea of looking beautiful while getting stuff done. I also get a lot of ideas from my past. I like to take old outfits I used to wear and upgrade them to a more mature look. There are a few outfits however, that I just can't do a thing with. For example, my mother decided when I was in preschool it was a good idea to send me to class wearing a pink collared shirt with leggings... both of which were littered with fuzzy sheep. I think I disposed of all photographic evidence of that outfit, other wise I'd post a picture for you to see/cackle at. Basically what I'm getting at is that my fashion sense and the way I view the world has changed drastically since I got my machine. Every time I open my sketchbook I get a feeling of joy as I see a blank page that I can fill with the things I see around me in a single outfit. I highly recommend you pick up a talent that makes you feel as good as I do when sewing and designing.

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