Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wardrobe Staples List #1

    I feel as like after I gave you a list of all the things you probably shouldn't wear (click here to view my Fashion Faux Pas list), I owe you a list of all the things you should wear. That's right, make way for the "Wardrobe Staples" list! This is a list of the articles of clothing every teenage girl should probably own. 
Wardrobe Staples
  1. A Little Black Dress 
              Made famous by Coco Chanel, this is a necessity for  
              your wardrobe because it is a versatile piece          
              that can be worn to multiple kinds of events
     2. Black Boots
              Whether they're tall or ankle; boots can be worn with 
              so man different outfits and have a slimming    
              effect, especially in black, for those who wear them
     3. Flannel Shirt
               Okay, I'm a little bias as to whether or not this is a 
               staple, because I'm a total boho freak, but the    
               fact that they comes in so many styles and colors 
               make flannel shirts appropriate for any season

    4. Tight Skirt
               Yes, tight skirts can look a little "trashy" sometimes, 
               but worn appropriately they are stylish and 
               fun, two things nearly every girl strives to be.

    5. Gladiator Sandals
               Appropriate in both spring and summer, these 
               sandals are chic and fashion forward, but don't      
               require much effort to pull off.

 I'm going to leave you with five today, partially because that's all I can think of, and partially because I'm supposed to be working on a marketing project right now. Again, this list is only my opinion and I'm not suggesting people who lack these items are any less fashionable than me. I feel like it's necessary to point that out with people getting sued all the time nowadays. Actually, as a teenage blog writer I don't think I'm really that much of a target. Alright then folks, stay splendiferous! 

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