Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Until We Make It

       Being a high school student (woe is me), the majority of my life is based off of what people think of me. When I first started sewing I was very confident in my work and loved showing it off, however, when I reached high school my attitude changed drastically. I was still very proud of my work, but I was very concerned with what others might think of me. I remember worrying that people would make fun of me the first time I wore one of my new dresses to school. Of course, people were very supportive and nobody had anything bad to say. I think in my mind I have this idea that people will always see the worst in me and this fuels my self consciousness. I know my biggest enemy is myself which is true for most designers. We critique our every move and it effects our designs, and our lives. I'm not just referring so designers here though. It's so important for people, especially young hooligans such as myself, to be positive and confident in the way they act and look. If you're reading this and are having a rough day, just know that eventually it will all be worth it. All the crummy days, all the upsetting experiences, it'll all pay off when you make it out there. Whether you have one now or not, eventually you will have a goal you want to achieve and all of the things that ever brought you down will inspire you and build you up. Never forget you are worth so much and you will become something wonderful someday. We just need to keep waiting and staying strong until we get our chance to prove ourselves.

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