Monday, February 11, 2013

Update on my Latest Dress

      Saturday I bought fabric to start construction on my eleventh (I think) dress! It is light pink with gray lace over top of it. There is a v-neck top with a mullet/hi-low skirt. It took me all weekend just to figure out how to make the top... and I never even tried out the conclusion I came too. Needless to say, this dress is experiencing rather slow creation. However, I don't need it until next month. That's right, I've got an event coming up! Sadie Hawkin's Dance 2013. Be there or be square. Actually, don't be there.... that would be super weird if you showed up. In case you're not familiar with the rules of Sadie Hawkins, it's a dance where the girls ask the guys, how interesting. I'm not actually sure if I'm asking anyone yet, but I'm definitely sure I will look fantastic. This dress looks really pretty. Of course, it's just a bunch of fabric pinned to a mannequin right now, but it's going to look amazing once I have time to actually sew it. I'll be sure to post pictures once it is completed! In the mean time I'll continue to write about things that may or may not be worth your time reading. 

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