Saturday, February 2, 2013

Starting Out

        I'm not sure why I did, but in 2010 I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas. I still can't remember why, I think it was because a few years earlier I had taken a class in school called Family and Consumer Science (FACS) and we sewed pillows. Mine turned out looking like a purple ferret that got hit by a tractor five times, but I loved in anyways. I was so proud of it and I wanted to keep feeling like that. Once I got my sewing machine the first thing I made was a pair of green pajama pants. They were way too short and looked like I'd gotten half of it stuck in my machine (which I did). Eventually I started making dresses. That's when I started getting that feeling again. Every time I wore a new dress to school I felt more and more proud. I finally had a talent that no one else in my school did. I felt special. Of course, these first dresses mimicked my pillow sewing skills. They were terribly made and disastrously accessorized. I was only in eighth grade when I made my first dress so of course it was a nightmare. I honestly cannot even imagine why my parents let me leave the house looking the way I did. Here's a what dress number one looked like:
 Notice the lack of pleats, the hideous floral belt, and the uneven straps! Oh, and did I mention the fabric? It was a pillowcase. It's really a marvelous piece of work. Each dress got better and better though and eventually I started making things people could actually compliment without snickering about later! I'm making serious progress.

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